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  • Set of triplets, and a dozen twins attending Brea Junior High

    4 years ago by

    Grace, Faith, and Hope Geraldez 12 year old identical triplets will be attending Brea Jr. High when it opens September 2. (courtesy Geraldez photography)


        Students at the Brea Junior High at the first day of school may think they are seeing triple or maybe double. There will be 12 sets of twins at the school and one set of identical triplets.

          I chatted with the triplets Faith, Hope, and Charity Geraldez. The girls giggled a lot. They are best friends, but don't mind if they are separated in class. Singing is something they really enjoy doing together. The trio may fight a lot, but don't let an outsider say anything against any one of them. They are very protective of each other.

            Asked if their handwriting was similar and they said "No." Grades are similar, however. The trio have the same taste in clothes, but don't usually dress alike.

              Melinda Geraldez (their mother) said, "When the girls were younger they had a secret language of their own and nobody knew what they were saying accept themselves," she added, "The trio did everything late, they didn't walk until they were 17 months old, when just one got up and walked, the other ones got up and joined her." She also said the girls always had someone to play with and entertained themselves.

                Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at (714)529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Brea Mall’s Back-to-School Style Event For Teens

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      The first day of school for Brea Unified School District students starts on Tuesday, September 2, less than two weeks away! For those of you with teenagers, this Friday, August 22, from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Brea Mall is partnering with Teen Vogue, the number one source of fashion, beauty and pop-culture news for trendsetting teens - to host the “ABC’s Of Style.” The event will take place in Center Court, so arrive early to experience an exclusive style guide featuring fashion looks curated by style experts, a fashion show displaying the hottest trends of the season on the runway, plus first-hand fashion advice from Teen Vogue, and to top it off - a special live performance by US pop-rock trio Before You Exit at 5:00 p.m.

        Following the performance, around 5:30 p.m., the first 400 fans to line up near the stage will receive a wristband for access to a signing with Before You Exit. One wristband per person available. Fans must provide one item to be signed by the band. No photos with the band will be allowed. All personal cameras and cell phones are to be put away once wristbanded attendees reach the stage area. Additional rules apply, and will be posted onsite at the event.

  • BBON to conduct City Council Candidates Q&A

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    Given our recent repost of the Orange County Register's local news article titled: Councilman's call for change has supporters - we would like to relay to our followers that we are planning to make an equal effort in working towards focusing on all the participants running for a city council seat in the upcoming election on November 4, 2014.

      As our mission clearly states, we stand for unity in keeping Brea a thriving community. And at this time, the consensus clearly has shown that there is definitely a division amongst our council members.

        On that note, we will conduct another election Q&A. As in the past election on November 6, 2012, it will be fair and unbiased and operated on a first come, first served basis. So far candidate Steven Vargas will be featured first with Mayor Brett Murdock second in line.

          BBON will maintain a friendly approach of questions, giving readers a personal perspective on each participant running for a seat on Brea’s city council. Our goal is to further help voters to make an informed decision.

            Stay tuned!

  • Barbie’s 55th birthday celebration at Farrell’s

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      This Sunday presents a great outing at Farrell's for children and those who have fond memories of America’s favorite doll, Barbie! At the party, from 10-11 a.m., will be a Barbie and a Ken look-alike, a special inspired birthday 30-scoop - 7 1/2lb. Farrell's famous ice cream Zoo, quite a mouthful, consisting of pink strawberry ice cream, rainbow sherbet, sprinkles, whipped cream, strawberry sauce and cherries for all to enjoy, at no charge, and of course an honorary birthday song, created especially for Barbie. And what’s a party without presents. Fun, fun, fun!

        If you can’t make the event, available to Barbie fans is a pink $1.99 birthday-sundae to all guests that bring in their favorite Barbie doll and purchase a kids or adult entrée and drink. The special $1.99 birthday sundae is fashioned from one-scoop of strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce, pink whipped cream, party sprinkles and a cherry on top.

  • Ending storyline of ‘Friends,’ comes to life for Brea Alums

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    Two sisters will marry two best friends all Brea Olinda High School 1999 graduates shown (l-r) Erin Sweeny, Andy Drakowski, Matt Winkler, and Erika Sweeny(photo courtesy Suzanne Sweeny)

      Class of ’99 Brea grads to marry -- Two sisters will marry two best friends: Erin and Erika Sweeny and best friends Matt Winkler and Andry Drapkowski all knew each other while at Brea Olinda High School. Erin and Andy even went to a formal dance together. They all graduated in 1999 and went on to college. Who knew their paths would cross and Erika and Matt and Erin and Andy would be planning to make their relationships permanent. Of course, the girls’ parents Ed and Sue Sweeny are elated, as are Chet and Carol Drapkowski and Brent and Bobbie Swenson.

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  • Welcome to one-stop shop – City of Brea

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            TERRI DAXON The wild and crazy shopping season has begun, and the best place to go is right here in Brea. Where else can you find such a wealth of shopping choices? There are the beautiful, recently Mall, our Brea Downtown, the Brea Marketplace across from the mall, Brea Gateway Center, plus several other shopping areas up and down Imperial Highway and elsewhere in our city.

              While Brea has many unique shops, there also are chain stores, including a few big-box ones such as Target, Walmart and Home Depot. Sure, you can shop the chains in many cities, but the sales tax dollars come back to Brea only if the merchandise was purchased here.

                Why is shopping in Brea so important? I asked Heidi Gallegos, the new executive director of the Brea Chamber of Commerce.

                  “Shopping Brea first keeps our dollars in the community in order to support public safety, capital improvements as well as retain programs that are unique to the culture of Brea,” Gallegos said via email. “We encourage shoppers to keep our dollars in Brea and shop Brea first.” Brea is definitely a shopping destination. Brea Mall is Orange County’s fourth largest mall in sales tax revenue.

                    Keeping those shopping dollars here makes a big difference. According to Brea’s June 2012 fiscal report, Brea’s sales tax revenue has increased 4.4 percent over the previous fiscal year, which is pretty good. Sales tax for general retail sales, such as department stores, apparel shops, home stores and other retailers , made up 46.7 percent of the increase.

                      According to Bill Gallardo, Brea’s administrative services director, in Brea you are charged 8 percent sales tax on taxable items. Of that 8 percent, only 1 percent stays in Brea. “The rest goes elsewhere, mostly to the state,” Gallardo said via email.

                        So how does that work? Gallardo said, for example, when you make a $100 purchase, you pay $8 in sales tax. Of the $8, Brea gets $1. That doesn’t sound like much, but in fiscal year 2012, it totaled $19 million. That’s a lot of buying in Brea, folks.

                          What about online sales, such as at Amazon, that include California sales tax? Does the city benefit from those sales? Yes, but it isn’t much. Amazon charges Brea and other Orange County customers the 8 percent rate, and the 1 percent is sent to the state. “Then the state divides that local money based on your city’s percentage of total sales in the county,” Gallardo said. What that breaks down to is that Brea gets a measly 3.5 percent of the 1 percent. So shopping locally, rather than online, makes better dollar sense for our city. And while you are shopping in Brea, visit the new Santa’s village on the lower level of Brea Mall. It is one of the most attractive I’ve ever seen in a mall. Plus, it gives the kids something to marvel at while Dad checks out the Tesla showroom a few shops away.

                            Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. She gives her perspective on Brea issues twice a month. Contact her at  .

  • Kiwanis Club of Brea Toys for Tots drop off locations 2013

    5 years ago by

      Long time member of the Kiwanis Club of Brea, Dean Hall, is the creator of the 28th annual Toys for Tots and faithfully serves as event chair year after year to ensure this program runs smoothly.

        On December 21 at Brea Olinda High School, the Kiwanis along with family, friends, Key Clubbers and Boy Scout will gather to sort the toys.

          Be a part of this terrific campaign and donate a toy to a child in need. Below are the locations where you can drop off a new, unwrapped toy:

          Toys for Tots Event Chair Dean Hall 's enthusiasm and attention to detail make for a perfect event every time!

            Advantage Care Chiropractic

              Bock Othodontics

                Boy Scout Troop 801

                  Brea United Methodist Pre-School

                    Brea-Olinda High School

                      Country Hills School

                        Fanning School

                          Wipro Laurel School

                            Mariposa School

                              Mercury Insurance Group (3 separate locations)

                                Merrill Lynch

                                  Olinda School

                                    Popular Community Bank

                                      Ventura Foods

                                        Singer Chiropractic

                                          Pacific Western Bank

  • 2013 BBON Kids Halloween Costume Contest Winners

    5 years ago by

    Tomorrow is Halloween! But for fans of Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) Facebook, we’ve been celebrating Halloween, virtual style, since October 7, the start of our BBON Kids Halloween Costume Contest!

      Eleven children ages ranging from 16 months to 12 years old entered our contest. There were three age groups: newborn-4, 5-8, and 9-12. Voting began on the 21 and lasted through the 29.

        For nine days family members, friends, and many supporters voted nonstop. In the newborn-4 year old category, it was a very close race. The Afanador sibling contestants clearly had the most votes with Chloe dressed as the adorable Annie and Dylan in regal garb as King George. But in order to be fair, the contest rules stated one winner per household. As a result, following are the three age group winners and the prizes they won – thanks to our community sponsors: Stagelight Performing Arts Studio,Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour ,Color Me Mine Brea, and IKneadLove Bakery, Coffee Shop.

          Newborn-4: The winner is Leeloo Hernandez, the nature Fairy.

            Leeloo age one won her age group, newborn to 4 years.

              Leeloo won:

                •From Stagelight Performing Arts Studio, our top sponsor: One month of unlimited acting, dance, and singing classes and one Stagelight Performing Arts t-shirt.

                  Note: Private lessons are not included, and annual registration must be paid if the winner enrolls in weekly classes beyond the first free month.

                    •Two $25.00 Gift Certificates to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour

                      5-8: Chloe Afanador, dressed as Annie, is the winner.

                      Age 5, Chloe won her age group (5-8).

                        Chloe won:

                          •Stagelight Performing Arts Studio, our top sponsor: One month of unlimited acting, dance, and singing classes and one Stagelight Performing Arts t-shirt.

                            Note: Private lessons are not included, and annual registration must be paid if the winner enrolls in weekly classes beyond the first free month.

                              •Color Me Mine Brea $30 gift card

                                9-12: John Derk, who made his Herobrine costume, is the winner.

                                John, 10 years old, won (9-12) age group.

                                  John Won:

                                    •From Stagelight Performing Arts Studio, our top sponsor, one month of unlimited acting, dance, and singing classes and one Stagelight Performing Arts t-shirt.

                                      Note: Private lessons are not included, and annual registration must be paid if the winner enrolls in weekly classes beyond the first free month.

                                        •A $30 Gift Certificate to IKneadLove bakery

                                          Of special notation: The BBON Kids Halloween Costume Contest winners and participants will be featured in the December issue of Inside Brea Magazine with a special keepsake photograph compliments of Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography.

  • BBON Video: Interview with Susan Gaede, a.k.a. ‘Newsy Suzie.’

    7 years ago by

    BBON Susan Gaede Video

    At home with Susan Gaede (video courtesy of Related Grey in Brea)
    Photojournalist Susan Gaede talks candidly about 42 years in the field. Shy and meek, NO WAY, as Susan Gaede, a.k.a. ‘Newsy Suzie,’ says, 'I do my own thing.' And it is evident throughout this video as Susan tells her attention-grabbing stories about the locals and celebrities she has covered in her long career. A special thanks to Brea’s local columnist Susan Gaede, and the awesome team at Related Grey,, for producing this exceptional video for Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON).

  • Brea Florist: Community business, Customer loyalty.

    7 years ago by


    Brea Florist, at its current location of 341 South Brea Blvd

    Brea Florist had been a fixture on Brea Blvd for forty-three years, before it relocated to West Central Avenue in 1990 due to downtown redevelopment.  Since that move, despite early concerns, the business continued to thrive and soon residents familiar with the old location found their favorite florist at the new location.

    In 2010, Mary Jo Britt, who purchased the business in 2007, moved the shop back to Brea Blvd, at 341 South Brea Blvd, just one block south of their original location of forty-three years.  Mary Jo, who was employed at the business for twenty-four years before buying it, credits 35-years of customer loyalty, as well as new clients from the internet and a more visible storefront, for their continued success. She recently told BBON, "The unexpected move worked out great!"

    With her devoted staff, (Anna Davidson, who is a prior owner and semi-retired; Roxanne Whitney, who has worked with Mary Jo for 23-years; and Ruben Gallegos, making floral deliveries for 8-years) Mary Jo hopes Brea Florist will continue to serve the community for another 50 years.

    BREA FLORIST 1947 - 2011

    1947 - Brea Florist opens at 235 South Brea Blvd

    1978 - Mike and Linda Jacoby purchase Brea Florist

    1983 - Mary Jo Britt gains employment at Brea Florist

    1990 - Brea Florist relocates to West Central Ave due to downtown redevelopment

    1991 - Anna Davidson purchases Brea Florist

    2007 - Mary Jo Britt purchases Brea Florist after 24-years of employment

    2010 - Brea Florist relocates back to Brea Blvd, to their current location at 341 South Brea Blvd

    Visit Brea Florist