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  • BOHS Senior shares her secrets to Success

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    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS  [Image credit: David Cho]

    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS
    [Image credit: David Cho]

      After 4 years of long journey in their high school, class of 2015 of Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) are graduating on June 16. Among the students of the graduating class, Susan Joh can proudly say that she got accepted into prestigious colleges. For underclassmen, Susan shared her stories and tips. Susan Joh got accepted to “big-name” colleges, such as Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and so on. However, reaching this goal was not easy. Joh claimed her high school career was unique compared to those of other seniors at her school.

        “I have been to 9 schools in my lifetime and moving around was not easy. I would have to leave and make new friends again. I had to adjust to different types of people and circumstances,” Joh said. At those times, arts and music helped her cope with every difficulty moving to a new place.

          “I am a reserved person and don’t show my emotions well. Fortunately, through music and drawings which I had a passion and enthusiasm for, I was able to express my suppressed emotions and get through my hardships,” Joh said.

            Joh shared that she started playing piano since age 7. She didn’t enjoy playing the piano until her piano teacher told her she would be able to express her emotions through the melodious playing of the keys. Ever since then, she started enjoy playing piano since the 5th grade.

              Joh was an excellent student with a variety of activities she did outside of school.

                “I volunteered at Milal organization, which was established for people living with disabilities. I took care of Jessica, who had Down Syndrome. I treated her as any normal teenager and learned that everyone has same qualities,” Joh said. “Volunteering is really rewarding because everyone can learn lessons, even if it is a small thing. Try volunteering for any organizations and places,” Joh said.

                  With seniors’ admission results, underclassmen have become anxious and worried about their college admission. Many have started to seek seniors who can give them useful tips and a sense of guidance.

                    “I wanted to ask those who got accepted into great schools what extracurricular activities they did and how they studied for multiple tests because now I’m getting nervous," said Sara Rew, a sophomore at BOHS.

                      Joh reassured and offered juniors and sophomores more concrete advice.

                        “I suggest students to take courses based on their interests,” she stated.

                          In her junior year, she had empty spots in her schedule and counselor suggested her to take art class. Surprisingly, she figured out her talents in art.

                            “I couldn’t have figured out that I enjoyed arts unless I tried taking art class. In school, there are a lot of programs, such as painting, cooking, choir, newspaper, and so on. Use those opportunities. Take advantage of those courses if they are offered at your school. Don’t hesitate to try new things, “Joh said.

                              Looking back her high high school years which she tried new things, she would miss all aspects of high school.

                                “I am going to miss the assemblies, activities, friends, teachers, clubs, and parents who always helped me achieve many things,” Joh said.

                                  As Joh would miss her high school years, high school years had a huge impact on her life. According to Susan Joh, high school years are very important because students are able to develop into people who can survive in real world and contribute to our community.

                                    “For your high school years, always try your best for everything, even if it’s the one you don’t like. Always be true to yourselves. Pursue what you really want to do for your high school,” Joh stated.

                                      Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

                                        with help from J student reporter editor Sydney Chang and the J Student Reporters Program:

  • Introducing BBON new team member: BOHS student Choha Kim

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    Please Welcome Choha Kim, student editor in chief for BBON.

    Choha Kim, student editor in chief for BBON.

      Please welcome our newest BBON team member, BOHS sophomore Choha Kim. Choha is from South Korea and has been in the United Stated for over a year. Aside from being a staff writer for BOHS Wildcat Newspaper, three of her articles have been published on Joongang, which is the largest Korean newspaper in the United States.

        In addition, she is the project chair for the Key Club, founder and president of the Homeless Care Club, and was elected by her peers to serve as secretary her junior year. She’s well-rounded playing Haeguem, a traditional Korean string instrument. Choha’s concert performance in Los Angeles awarded her 3rd prize in the World Korean Traditional Performing Art Competition!

          So keep an eye out for her breaking BOHS news reporting. And join us in giving Choha a warm welcoming as our latest BBON team member!

  • 1998 BOHS grad Carla Roque illustrated Annie lyric book now available at Wendy’s

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    Carla Roque, 1998 Brea Olinda High School grad, has illustrated the “Annie” lyric book now available in the Wendy’s Kid Meals at all participating restaurants. (Courtesy Armando Roque)

    Carla Roque, 1998 Brea Olinda High School grad, has illustrated the “Annie” lyric book now available in the Wendy’s Kid Meals at all participating restaurants. (Courtesy Armando Roque)

      Carla Roque grew up in Brea and lived here for 25 years before moving to Buena Park. The 1998 Brea Olinda graduate is an illustrator, caricature artist, and mural artist.

        Her Bachelors and Masters Art Degree from Cal State Fullerton has paid off. Besides having her own caricature business called R&R Creative Entertainment, the freelance illustrator currently has a children's book she illustrated being handed out at all participating Wendy’s restaurants. The "Annie" lyric book is available now at Wendy's in their kids meal (also available to purchase separately.)

          The mother of four with husband, Armando, is very excited about this, and so are we. Check out her website: Carla Roque By the way, Carla’s parents are Victor and Roz Munoz and have been living in Brea for 35 years.

            Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at (714) 529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Brea Olinda Choir 2015 production of Thoroughly Modern Millie

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      Brea Olinda Choir Presents the Broadway smash-hit musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie"! In the fast-paced 1920s, a girl from Kansas moves to New York City to marry a rich man. She samples the thoroughly modern flapper life, makes friends, finds unexpected romance! All dates have a 7 pm show and there is a Matinee on Saturday, March 21st at 2 pm. We have a fantastic cast and this hilarious musical is sure to entertain the whole family! See your favorite Brea Choir members for show tickets. All shows will be in our beautiful Brea Olinda High School Performing Arts Center. 789 Wildcat Way, Brea. Thank you for your support! March 19, 21, 26, 27, 28. Box Office open to General Public for advance ticket sales: Feb 26th, March 5th and March 18th, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, and March 16th from 5- 8 pm at Brea Olinda High School Performing Arts Center, 789 Wildcat Way, Brea.

        Mary Wentsel Pipes

  • Simon Youth Foundation announces $1 million in scholarships for students

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      The first quarter of this year will bring a lot of good news to those college bound high school seniors waiting to hear back from the colleges that they applied to. At this time, many students are applying for scholarships to help fund their education. With that in mind, look into Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarships

        Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarships are awarded through the Simon Youth Scholarships program, established in 1989, and in partnership with local Simon properties. The application period is open now until Saturday, January 11, 2014. Interested students can stop by Simon Guest Services at Brea Mall to acquire a copy of a scholarship application.

          Graduating seniors in the class of 2014 who live within 50 miles of a Simon property are eligible. The program will award a one-time scholarship of up to $1,500 to students who plan to enroll in an accredited college, university, vocational or technical school.

            In 2013, the Simon Youth Scholarships program awarded $1.1 million to 389 students nationwide.

              Good luck!

  • Ending storyline of ‘Friends,’ comes to life for Brea Alums

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    Two sisters will marry two best friends all Brea Olinda High School 1999 graduates shown (l-r) Erin Sweeny, Andy Drakowski, Matt Winkler, and Erika Sweeny(photo courtesy Suzanne Sweeny)

      Class of ’99 Brea grads to marry -- Two sisters will marry two best friends: Erin and Erika Sweeny and best friends Matt Winkler and Andry Drapkowski all knew each other while at Brea Olinda High School. Erin and Andy even went to a formal dance together. They all graduated in 1999 and went on to college. Who knew their paths would cross and Erika and Matt and Erin and Andy would be planning to make their relationships permanent. Of course, the girls’ parents Ed and Sue Sweeny are elated, as are Chet and Carol Drapkowski and Brent and Bobbie Swenson.

        Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle 714-529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • BOHS Football Car Wash Fundraiser

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    Car wash fundraiser – bet you can guess where! While doing your Saturday list of things to do, stop by the United Methodist Church to get your car washed to support the BOHS Football Team.  They’ll be waiting for you to make your car sparkle on the corner on State College and Lambert, from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., this Saturday, September 22.


  • Ted Craig and Randy Jones talk about Babe Ruth

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    photo credit - Susan Gaede

    Ted Craig (former assemblyman) and Randy Jones point to Babe Ruth's signature on a ball Ruth signed when he played in Brea. Craig was Brea's first statesman- Jones was a former Brea resident and professional ball player and earned the prestigious Cy Young Award.

  • Cyndi Coulter and Kato Kaelin from the early 80’s

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    (photo credit - Susan Gaede) Cyndi Coulter and Kato Kaelin met when they both worked at Bobby McGee's in Brea. They later married and had a girl who eventually went to Fanning. Cyndi and Kato are now divorced.

  • Jim Cameron (from Avatar fame ) was a Brea neighbor!

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    james cameron shows his artwork for Susan Gaede of Brea for POW/MIA Effort at BOHS

    photo credit - Susan Gaede

    Jim Cameron was residing in Brea when Susan Gaede (his neighbor) asked Jim to paint a poster for POW/MIA EFFORT FOR THE BREA OLINDA HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION..HE IS SHOWN POSING WITH THE POSTER.

    Very few photos are known of the young James Cameron so BBON has been fortunate enough with the kindness of Susan Gaede to share this insight to this talented Brean!