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  • Brea sets up cooling stations during heat wave

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    As the heat wave continues, power outages strike Orange County, including Brea, where 1,600 homes went without power. Photo source:

    As the heat wave continues, power outages strike Orange County, including Brea, where 1,600 homes went without power. Photo source:

    As the heat wave sweeps across Southern California, a power outage struck 1,600 Brea homes earlier this week, along with hundreds of other homes across Orange County. As a result, Southern California Edison officials issued a Flex Alert, calling for residents to limit their electricity usage.

      A flex alert is a voluntary conservation of energy, which promotes actions such as turning off unnecessary lights, postponing use of major appliances and keeping thermostats at 78 degrees and higher.

        For those without AC, the city of Brea has set up cooling stations at the Brea Community Center, the Brea Senior Center, the Brea Branch Library, and the Brea Mall.

          According to city officials, Brea residents can take up safety and health precautions by staying hydrated, wearing loose clothing, staying out of the sun or wearing sunhats and sunscreen, and avoiding heavy activity in a non-air conditioned environment. City officials also remind residents to never leave children, elderly people, or pets unattended in closed cars.

            Other outages reported by SC Edison occured in Studio City (1,200 homes), West Covina (1,015 homes), and Mission Viejo (81).

  • BOHS students participate in California primary

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    An increasing amount of young people participated in the California primary, even some from Brea Olinda High School.

    An increasing amount of young people participated in the California primary, even some from Brea Olinda High School.

    Over a dozen students from Brea Olinda High School volunteered as a student poll worker for the California primary on Tuesday, many of them too young to vote. And while the California primary witnessed many surprising (and some not-so-surprising) results on Tuesday, an increased participation among the youth demographic this year follows a growing national trend.

      “I wanted to volunteer because I finally started to pay attention to politics this year,” Rianne Paracuelles, junior, said. “Even though I can’t vote, I still wanted to fulfill my civic duty by helping out. Also I learned a lot about how official the process is and how important it is that every single person votes because it really does matter.”

        BOHS student poll workers were placed all over Orange County, arriving at their assigned poll location at 6 a.m. and ending as late as 10 p.m. All poll workers are required to undergo a training session where they learn how to process voters, how to set up their location site, and how to prepare for various scenarios. At the training, volunteers were told to expect a high voter turnout this year, considering the high election turnouts across the country. In addition, poll workers learned how to set up the electronic voting booths, as Orange County is one of the two counties in California that is allowed to use them.

          “It was a really cool experience. My team worked around a 15-hour day, so it was definitely exhausting, but I got to learn a ton about what kind of things constitute a voting day,” Hannah Towbin, junior, said. “So many different kinds of people came out to vote, which I thought represented our modern American culture, and each person for the most part was really nice. We had a couple of frustrating ones though, like a man who showed up with a Bernie shirt on. Unfortunately we had to ask him to come back with a new shirt because it’s policy that he couldn’t represent any one person or party, but everything else went really smoothly.”

            Prior to the primary, many students and teachers at BOHS took part in electioneering on campus. History teacher Eugene Lee was known for his advocacy of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and decorated his room with campaign buttons and posters. History teacher Jeff Sink regularly discussed the election in his classes, educating his students on not only the political issues and candidates, but the political process as well, such as the difference between a primary and a caucus or the purpose of superdelegates. Some students went to campaign rallies, such as in April, when a group of students took off during a school day to attend a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles. The group was invited to stand behind the senator, and at one point, senior Kyle Kirk fainted during the rally.

              And in early May, workers from the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign came to BOHS during a lunch period one day, encouraging eligible students to register to vote and recruiting volunteers for the campaign. During the California primary, the high voter turnout matched the 2008 election turnout as early as 10 a.m., according to Neal Kelley, the Orange County Registrar of Voters. And from there, voter turnout continued to increase among all demographics.

                “Working at a polling place was definitely worth doing despite the long hours. Seeing how voting works today will make me a more well-educated voter in the future, I hope,” Towbin said.

  • BOHS sweethearts reunite after decades

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    Love story:

      Mike Jaromscak, Brea Olinda High School class of ’78 and Faris Whitesell Class of ’80 dated in high school. They are soon getting married. (Courtesy of Faris Whitesell)

      Mike Jaromscak, Brea Olinda High School class of ’78 and Faris Whitesell Class of ’80 dated in high school. They are soon getting married. (Courtesy of Faris Whitesell)

        Mike Jaromscak, Brea Olinda High School Class of ’78, and Faris Whitesell, Class of ’80, had a group of friends who did everything together. Included in that group were Susie Leyton, Darlene Esposito, Jackie Smith, Susan Nykaza, Rhonda Kozumplick, Fran Contrares, Kayleen Hopkins, Mike Jaromscak, Cody Moree, Richard Donk, and Frank Mueller. After a group river trip, Mike drove Faris home in 1982 and they started dating. At the wedding of his sister, his beloved grandmother, Ida, told Mike that Faris was the one.

          “I made the mistake of breaking up with Mike, and moved to Tennessee following my sisters, Emily, Fran, and Fern," Faris said. "I lost touch with many Brea friends. Fast forward to 2004, I was single and carrying the knowledge that Mike was the one I let go, and should have made better decisions. I started searching for him on the Internet, spelling his name wrong.

            "Our friend Kay was killed in an auto accident. At her funeral, her mom gave me her photo's," Faris said. In Kay's pictures, there was one of our old gang, and she had a Post-it note listing everybody in the picture. And there it was, Mike Jaromscak. I immediately went to Facebook and found him."

              "There were many challenges to face, mainly geographic. He lived in Oregon. I lived in Tennessee. We took a trip to the Redwoods to figure it out. The end result was a road trip, from Oregon to Tennessee. "I am a RN and Mike is a retired masonry. His dream was to live in a cabin in the woods, so that is what we did. We built a cabin in the woods," said Faris.

                "Finding true love at this stage in life is beautiful. We have both made mistakes and we both have made accomplishments," Faris said. "But one thing for sure, this last chapter of our lives will be the best. Thanks to growing up in Brea, the best place in the world to grow up. I don't know what it's like now, but the friendships of Brea are forever.”

                  They will be getting married soon.

                    Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at 714-529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Brea’s centennial year will kickoff with a parade and picnic

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    Centennial Countdown Update:

      To say the least, it's a process to plan a centennial celebration. Seven cities in Orange County have successfully executed their anniversary year. Twenty-six cities will follow us. 

        Our centennial kickoff will begin with a parade and picnic on Saturday, February 18, 2017.

          The plan is to bring the community together for a family-oriented fun day involving the whole town including hometown celebrities!

             Photo: From the Jones Family Collection
 Source-Brea: Celebrating 75 Years

            Photo: From the Jones Family Collection

            Source-Brea: Celebrating 75 Years

              1969 BOHS grad and 1976 Cy Young Award Winning Padres pitcher, Randy Jones aka "Junkman," will be back in town to participate!

                The parade will begin mid-morning at Birch Street and Associated Road, and end at Brea's Sports Park where Randy Jones' bronze plaque is hung on a wall among Brea's distinguished athletes. More to come!

  • Scouts honored for saving friend’s life after sudden cardiac arrest

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      Three Brea Eagle Scouts from Troop 801 helped save a life.

        The Brea City Council recently honored Eagle Scouts from Troop 801, second from left, Blake Wilson, Blake Perez, and John Evert, shown with Daniel Medina, left.

        The Brea City Council recently honored Eagle Scouts from Troop 801, second from left, Blake Wilson, Blake Perez, and John Evert, shown with Daniel Medina, left.

        Debbie Medina mother of Daniel Medina loves to tell the story of how the brave Scouts saved the life of her 25-year-old son, who suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

          Debbie Medina said her son collapsed at home in the kitchen at 8:30 p.m. February 28.

            "One of his friends heard a thump and approached the kitchen, finding Daniel face down on the kitchen floor," she said. "My husband and I were not home at the time. His friend quickly yelled for the other two friends who were watching TV in the living room, called 911, and with direction from the 911 operator, Tammy Ramsey, began CPR."

              Daniel was taken by ambulance to St. Jude Medical Center, where he was put on a ventilator, and into an induced coma.

                "The doctors in ICU said on several occasions that these brave and courageous young men saved our son’s life," said Debie Medina. We did find out all three young men are Eagle Scouts and one has taken the EMT training course. Again a miracle."

                  About 350,000 people go into sudden cardiac arrest each year, according to the American Heart Association. Of those, only 1 percent to 2 percent survive, and some with significant brain damage.

                    "Our heroes said to my husband and I that they knew CPR but never thought they would need to use it, and especially on a friend they love," Debbie Medina said.

                      Daniel is doing very well. Tests revealed he has a rare congenital heart defect that brought on the cardiac arrest.

                        The Eagle Scouts, Jon Evert, Blake Perez, and Blake Wilson, and the emergency responders Fire Captain Dave Schautschick, engineer/paramedic Randy McDaniel, firefighter/paramedic Travis Knabe, and firefighter Greg Harris, were honored at a Brea council meeting on April 19 with commendations for their valiant and steady handling of an unbelievable situation.

                          William Wojcaik suffered cardiac arrest during the Brea’s 8K race. Cesar Robles, Bradley Luna, Randall Parra, April Scwartz, Ryan Scwartz, Phillip Stephenson Randy McDaniel, and Stephen Davy were presented commendations at the May 3rd council meeting for saving his life.

                            Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at 714-529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Annual Brea SummerFest Giveaway on BBON

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      It’s a “Thriller” to announce our annual BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway, but first….

        MoonWalker the reflection of Michael.

        MoonWalker the reflection of Michael.

        You can’t beat it, beat it, beat it! The Annual 29th Brea SummerFest is coming on June 1-3, with a variety of entertainment tribute bands performing mimicry, creativity, and showmanship of many legendary bands such as Michael Jackson, Led Zepplin, No Doubt, U2, Huey Lewis and the News, and Fleetwood Mac. Plus, more family-fun on the carnival side with nearly 20 rides and no one ever goes hungry or thirsty at this festival!

          No need to “Ramble On.” Just enter our BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway to win -- starting on Monday, May 30 through Wednesday, June 1!

            UPDATE: TWO ADDITIONAL WINNERS FOR A TOTAL OF LUCKY 7 -- Thanks to The Absolute Wurst!

              SEVEN Lucky Winners will receive gifts from favorite local eateries:

                *Jimmy's Famous American Tavern Brea --$25 Gift Card

                  *Mendocino Farms Brea-- $35 Sandwich Voucher good for 2 Mendo Sandwiches and 2 Puck’s Fountain Sodas.

                    *Mammalucco's-- $25 Gift Card

                      *Dog Haus Fullerton gifts valued at $180. (4) people to win: Combo Meal Gift Cards – choice of drink, fries or tots, burger, hotdog or sausage dog. Retail value per four promo cards: $45

                        Winners announced on BBON Facebook on Thursday, June 2.

                          Good LuCk and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

                            Get it? Got it. Good.

  • Wacky Whole Foods Market Meetup

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    Just another Wednesday at WFM Brea!!

      Time to fuel UP!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

          CLICK here to watch the video!

            Arriving in what else -- but a Jurassic Jeep, Ralph the Rex met his neighbor and new sidekick cartoon Charlie the Clock. What fun they had frolicking through the humongous store with a checklist of food to divide and devour!

              Many thanks to the "fun crew" at Whole Foods Market Brea, our friend Ralph_the_Rex, Dino Doctor - ranger_kevin, and Charlie_the_ Clock cutout performer --Austin Zemlo!

                Those of you on Instagram: Coming soon Charlie the Clock-- Time Travel Celebrating 100 Years in Brea!

  • Remembering Charlie Phillips of Brea Kiwanis Club

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    It’s with great sadness and heavy hearts that we report the passing of longtime Brea Kiwanis member -- Charlie Phillips. Charlie was a wonderful man. As the Kiwanis secretary, he was very enthusiastic in connecting with us to spread the word about Brea Kiwanis annual events such as Back To School Shopping Spree, Toys for Tots, Spelling Bee, and the Easter Egg Hunt.

      Charlie and Carol Phillips

      Charlie and Carol Phillips

        Early last year, Charlie had a stroke and was admitted into a nursing home to recover. Susan Gaede and I visited him, and although he wasn’t able to talk to us, he was full of spirit; with his wife Carol relaying that he couldn’t wait to continue writing the newsletters for the Kiwanis. In her dad's absence, Debbie, started writing newsletters for the Brea Kiwanis Club.

          Today, we received the Kiwanis newsletter and Debbie, wrote, “For the last few years Kiwanis played an important part in my dad's life. It gave him an opportunity to do what he loved, working with young people and giving back to the community.

            Charlie wanted no part of funeral homes and such. His wish after he was gone was to have a gathering of friends and family at his house so people could think back on how they knew him and tell stories of his "adventures".

              Miss you, Charlie

                Photo: Celebrating the 50th Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

                Bright and early, join the Brea Kiwanis in celebrating the 54th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Arovista Park on Saturday, March 26 at 9:00 a.m.

                  Carol added,"Charlie was always there for everyone who needed him. He had such a full life."

                    We miss you too, Charlie. And would be remiss not to spread the word about the 54th Annual Kiwanis Club of Brea Easter Egg Hunt to be held on March 26, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. at Arovista Park in Brea, located at 500 West Imperial Hwy (Imperial Highway at Berry Street).

  • The 25th Annual Brea 8K Classic marks another year of success

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    Brea 8k results 1444191595128

      It was another beautiful day in our city at the 25th Anniversary Brea 8k Classic. What an incredible race day, resulting in a record breaking 3,334 participants!

        The volunteers began to arrived at 3:00 a.m. at the Brea Mall and the set up process began. The course was constructed, finish line created, and the T-shirts and Goodie bags were ready!

          The sponsors arrived by 6:00 am setting up the wonderful food court and expo area. Then the fog rolled in with a crisp cool mist (which runners love by the way). Such excitement was in the air. It was the beginning of a wonderful event for families, teams, athletes, and friends.

            The participants were comprised of many age groups, who came from all over the land and met the challenge of this course. They crossed that big blue Brea 8k finish line knowing that they had succeeded once again or for the first time. It must be similar to the feeling our 8k Board members have when we finally pack up the 8k after months of preparation and put everything away for yet another year, thinking we did it! We really did, even better than last year and I can't wait till next year.

              Please join us Sunday February 26th 2017. It will definetely be another exciting year with a special weekend anniversary celebration of Brea's 100th year!

                Thank you Brea Mall and all our sponsors for another very successful event! Thank you City of Brea and our wonderful Police and Fire Dept for keeping us all safe.

                  On behalf of the Brea 8K Board , GITA (Global IT Academy), Academic Booster Club, Instrumental Music & Color Guard Boosters and Choir Music Boosters, we thank you for your continued support year after year of this wonderful fundraiser!


                      Jimini Ohler, Brea 8k Classic

                        Goodie Bag and Sponsor Chair

                          BOHS Band and Color Guard Historian