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Charlie the Clock

  • Step right up to be The Face of Brea – Photo Contest

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    Make a plan to visit Brea Edwards Theater and Join "Andrew" in becoming "The Face of Brea," celebrating Brea's 98th birthday. Win Fab prizes. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

    Make a plan to visit Brea Edwards Theater and Join "Andrew" in becoming "The Face of Brea," celebrating Brea's 98th birthday. Win Fab prizes. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

      Who’s The Face of Brea: Andrew is the face of Brea! YOU Can Be The Face of Brea, toooooo!

        Make a trip to Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, and in the lobby you’ll see the most dapper gent in town, Charlie the Clock cutout.

          To enter the contest and win great prizes, Upload your pic and we’ll place it in our “The Face of Brea Photo Contest” Facebook album. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

            Five Fab prizes for Five Winners! Not familiar with Brea's historic icon: Charlie the Clock, check out BBON The Face of Brea Photo Contest details to learn about Charlie, How to Participate, Contest Rules and Prizes.

  • Historic “Charlie the Clock” character debuts at Edwards Theater for “The Face of Brea Contest”

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    Live, Work, or Play in Brea...It’s Time for YOU to be "The Face of Brea."

      YOUR Chance to Win Great Prizes!

        It’s no mystery that Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) has been fascinated with Brea's icon "Charlie the Clock" from way back, changing our logo over three years ago to reflect Brea’s centennial year -- using Charlie the Clock’s face for inspiration!

          Now is the time for our vision of ‘Charlie the Clock’ to come to life as a beloved character in showcasing our BBON “The Face of Brea” Photo Contest -- celebrating Brea’s 98th birthday on February 23, 2015.

            Our beloved "Charlie the Clock" is debuting at Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 as a an animated cutout for "The Face of Brea" Contest on BBON, celebrating Brea's 98th birthday!

            Our beloved "Charlie the Clock" is debuting at Edwards Brea Stadium west 10 as an animated cutout for "The Face of Brea" Contest on BBON, celebrating Brea's 98th birthday!

              Contest details: Starting Friday February 13, in the lobby of Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, you will have the chance to enter the contest by placing your face in “Charlie the Clock” cutout to be “The Face of Brea.”

                All you have to do is take a photo as 'The Face of Brea' and upload it onto Beautiful Brea Old & New Facebook, where your image will be placed in an FB album for VOTING purposes. Greg of Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography will choose 5 winners from the top 15 entries with the most votes/likes. Winners will be announced on BBON Facebook Saturday, February 28. Each winner will win gift cards from local community businesses.

                  Charlie the Clock cutout was so unique that Ric Clough and team at Printing Services LTD paid special attention to every detail in order to create a perfect handmade cutout. It's was a first for the print shop accomplishing an awesome job.

                    5 FAB Prizes for 5 Lucky Winners, valued at $50 each:

                      - $50 Gift Card to Lillie's Q Restaurant

                        - $50 Gift Card to D'Vine: A Mediterranean Experience Restaurant

                          - $25 Gift Card to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse paired/w a $25 Gift Card to Frost My Cake

                            - $25 Two movie passes to Edwards Brea Stadium West or East paired/w a $25 Gift Card to The Butchery Brea

                              -$25 gift certificate to Cedar Creek Inn paired/w a $25 gift basket from Han's Beauty

                                "The Face of Brea" photo contest rules:

                                  1. All ages are eligible to enter the contest. The individual submitting the photo (giving consent) must be 18 years or older and will be considered the contestant eligible to compete for the prize.

                                    2. One photo entry per person.

                                      3. Upload your photo, name, and contact info to Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) Facebook page. Your photo will be featured on The Face of Brea Facebook album, where voting will take place.

                                        4. Only one vote/like per person per photo entry. Comments will not count as votes.

                                          5. All photos must be owned by the photographer submitting them and may be used in BBON publicity efforts.

                                            6. Please note a brief description and title of entry photo.

                                              History of Brea's Charlie the Clock: Brea’s Charlie the Clock or Brea Clock now resides in Brea Downtown at the corner of Birch and Madrona Streets, across the street from Macallan’s Public House.

                                                The clock appeared on Brea Blvd. in 1975 to promote Charlie’s Clock Shop in the former Brea Hotel building.

                                                  For years it was known as “Charlie’s Clock” because it stood outside of the clock shop. When the shop closed, the City of Brea purchased the clock, by then a local and beloved landmark. During the transformation of the Downtown, the clock went into storage and stayed there until recent years when it was very carefully restored with an exact reproduction of the clock’s original clock face. A bit of neon was added so it is more visible at night. The casing around the face and post are all original.

                                                    Of final note: As a long time Brea resident and public relations professional, I commissioned Brea artist Heather Ashlyn Collins to create a cutout of the beloved Brea clock to help remind everyone of Brea’s 100th Anniversary in the Year 2017, and kicking off Brea’s 98th birthday with The Face of Brea Photo Contest! A special thanks to Terri Daxon of Daxon Marketing Communications.

                                                      We can't wait to see your fun photos with our dapper looking gent, Charlie!


                                                          Carolyn Campbell

  • Charlie the Rockin’ Clock in Brea History’s Biggest Hits!

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    Charlie the Clock and his kid crew in front of the Wildcat statue at BOHS - Brea Olinda High School.

      Tick-Tock, History isn't So Boring After All! ™

        Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Mattie Stepanek

          With a little bit of community help, we can succeed beyond our expectations. CC

            Hi there!

              And welcome to our site! I'd like to give you a background about Brea's 1st young person's book: Charlie the Rockin' Clock in Brea History's Biggest Hits! -- a centennial celebration. Did I tell you we're late, but still hopeful. Oh well, what can I say!...

                In early 2015, I had an idea and contacted Heather Ashlyn Collins, a 2006 BOHS grad and recent grad of CSUF, to draw an animated caricature of Brea’s historic iconic "Charlie’s Clock." Thereafter I contacted a local print shop to make a cutout of the character. Charlie’s Clock was renamed “Charlie the Clock” as the clock belongs to everyone. We then held “The Face of Brea” contest at Edwards Brea Theater West 10 to celebrate Brea’s 98th birthday, followed by local events exhibiting the clock cutout. While in the process of making many, many, many people smile along the way, Charlie the Clock cutout served as a fun symbol and creative education tool in getting people excited about our centennial year. (See theater photo caption)

                  You'll see Charlie the Clock soon at Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 , Brea SummerFest, Brea Country Fair, and maybe our schools! 'Charlie the Clock' caricature cutout dazzled the crowds at the 28th annual Brea Summerfest, the 36th Brea Country Fair, and for a time was on exhibit at the Brea Museum, where he was taken out to visit events at our elementary schools fall 2015. Also, 'Charlie the Clock' was invited back to Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 the week of November 16, and sister theater Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 extended Charlie's visit through the week of Thanksgiving!

                    What fun we had as "Charlie the Clock" caricature cutout was invited back to Country Hills PTA's Annual Cougar Color Run Fundraiser 2016!

                      It was my hope that Charlie the Clock would become a mascot for the City of Brea celebrated as a symbol and learning tool in representing Brea’s rich history.

                        In February of 2016, I thought of a children’s centennial book featuring Charlie the Clock -- soon after discovering that it would be the first young person's book in Brea.

                          In a collaborative effort -- I brought together a team of very talented community people to create the book and subprojects. Former longtime Brean and author of the city's best-selling history book, Brea: Celebrating 75 Years and A Centennial History of the BOUSD, Teresa Hampson, was contacted to write the young person's history book. Also I connected with Heather Ashlyn Collins again to illustrate the book.

                            BOHS GITA Instructor Todd Salesky enlisted three of his students: Kyle Tam, Zoya Kahn, and Jennifer Choi, to build CharlietheClock.Club website. The book’s theme song: "Back Home" was written and sung by a 2017 BOHS senior choir member, Hayden Mangum.

                              My motto for life is “Never say never.” Thus, it was also my hope to collaborate on a promotional video to the tune of "Back Home," in an effort to showcase the city of Brea and its residents in reenacting the last chapter named "Party Time!" In this chapter local residents, young and old, congregate in Brea Downtown to celebrate a special party for the guest of honor: historical tour guide, Charlie the Clock!

                                Frozen in time: the book features Brea school kids, grades 3rd-6th: Roman M., Lauren T., Jarred G., Jesse H., Madison M., and Skyler S. along with Orange County Register longtime local news columnists, Susan Gaede aka “Newsy Suzie,” Terri Daxon, elementary teacher Jill Berrner, and former Brea student, Valeria Z.

                                  We also conducted a “Kids Imagine Brea Essay” contest, resulting in four winning essays on Brea's future from elementary students: Jessica L., Lauren A., Mollie C. and Haylee R., chosen by the Brea Education Foundation. The winning essays and photos will be showcased in the book.

                                    Additionally, we scheduled a panoramic photo shoot to feature as many local kids as possible in the book. Instead of the photo, it is a fun illustration spread across two pages.

                                      Read what BOUSD superintendent and local dignitaries had to say after reading the centennial children's history book:

                                        "I applaud the efforts of so many people rallying around Charlie the Clock to tell the history and timeless story of the City of Brea. The engaging story is told by Charlie the Clock and through the eyes of local children living in Brea. Charlie the Clock is a wonderful read for children of all ages." - Brad Mason, Ed.D. Superintendent, Brea Unified School District

                                          "What better way for our young students to experience Brea's past than a children's book! And not just any children's book but one that has a clock as its historical tour guide. They will remember the journey they are about to take for years. A journey into what made Brea the city it is today." - Don Schweitzer Former Brea Mayor

                                            "In order to make learning history both exciting and informative, the use of “Charlie the Clock” to travel through time to the various stages of Brea’s history is a creative new idea. It is an approach which will do much to help countless young people understand and appreciate the culture and history of Brea." - Wayne D. Wedin Former Brea City Manager and Councilman

                                              Charlie's Clues: Cover of the book. What does 10 and 12 mean in good ole' Brea?

                                                Of note: Part of the proceeds from the book will go back to Brea Olinda Unified School District through the Brea Education Foundation.

                                                  They Say Good Things Take Time!

                                                    Be sure to visit Charlie The Clock on Instagram!!

                                                      Thank you for your time,

                                                        Carolyn Campbell 😊

                                                          creative business development/project manager

                                                            Brea's landmark, Charlie's Clock, located in Brea Downtown on the corner of Birch Street and Madrona Avenue. Photo courtesy of Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography

                                                              The Test of Time: A Brea Landmarks List

                                                                Good Old Brea Clock, 300 W. Birch St. (at Madrona)… The two-sided timepiece served as the stationmaster’s clock at the Santa Fe Railyards in Riverside, but both the duration of its time there and its origin remain unknown. It was brought to Brea in 1975 by a man named Charlie to advertise his clock shop in the old Brea Hotel building (east side, Brea Boulevard at Ash Street). In 1979, a car ran into it, causing major but repairable damage. When Brea began to redevelop its old downtown, there were plans to preserve the Brea Hotel and other buildings in a historic block, but developers couldn’t be found to take on the potentially costly project. Instead, in 1994, the buildings were razed and the clock (which the city had bought because local folks had come to consider it a landmark) went into storage. As Brea’s new downtown approached its opening in the late 1990s, the clock was completely renovated. Today, its base, post and the casing around its face remain original, but its mechanism has been recast and reassembled, and the unique calligraphy of its original face and hands has been carefully recreated, with neon added so it can be read at night. During the city’s centennial year, Charlie the Clock has experienced new life. Recreated in costume form and starring in this book, Brea’s landmark timepiece has become a fresh symbol of Brea’s historic heritage.

                                                                  Written by Teresa Hampson