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Choha Kim

  • Brea Olinda Choir competed for National Championship

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    BOHS Choir Masquerade team is competing for Fame Orlando National Championship [Image Credit: video posted on Youtube by BOHS Choir]

    BOHS Choir Masquerade team is competing for Fame Orlando National Championship [Image Credit: video posted on Youtube by BOHS Choir]

      Brea Olinda High School Choir teams, such as Thundercats, Spellbound, and Masquerade, which are renowned for winning countless competitions and eye-catching performances, competed at Show Choir Nationals 2015 on April 24 for Unisex Division and on April 25 for Mixed Division at Waukegan, Illinois. Brea Olinda High School Choir was qualified for this National competition.

        According to Brea Olinda Choir Website, Brea Olinda Choir was the only one having all three groups to be qualified to compete that it was a historic and first-time event. On their journey to be qualified for National competition, they competed at Fame National Series in Orlando. Brea Olinda Choir had a huge success with Spellbound team, which took 1st place in the Unisex Division, Thundercats team, which took 2nd in the Unisex Division, and Masquerade team, which took 4th place in the Mixed Division. In addition, Julianne Sexton, senior, Spellbound, Masquerade team, and president for Tiffany’s, won the Best Female Soloist of the entire Orlando Competition.

          “I think I am hard working and dedicated to singing. I absolutely love performing onstage with my friends. I would miss performing with my friends [after I graduate],” Sexton said.

            Despite her hard working and dedication, Sexton didn't expect that she would get the Best Female Soloist award.

              “I didn’t think that I would get it because one girl in other group we were going against was phenomenal. However, after hearing that I got it, I was very surprised. I feel very blessed to have won it,” Sexton said.

                As it is end of the year, for the upcoming events, they will have spring Magic 2015 Tech Rehearsal on April 30 and Spring Magic 2015 on May 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. They will perform all of their competition sets for their families and friends. Especially, seniors will get to sing a song together, according to Sexton.

                  Besides final show, next Show Choir National competitions will be held on March 31 in 2016, March 23 in 2017, and March 22 in 2018.

                    Choha Kim/sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • WILDCAT Q&A with Juri Saka

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    Juri Saka, freshman at BOHS [Image Credit: Juri Saka]

    Juri Saka, freshman at BOHS [Image Credit: Juri Saka]

      Juri Saka, freshman, tells her stories about her moving to the U.S. from Kyoto, Japan.

        Q.How was your life in Japan?

          I lived in Kyoto, which had beautiful weathers. In winter, I could see snows and in spring, there were a lot of cherry blossoms blooming.

            Q.What schools did you go to before coming to the U.S. and could you describe your previous schools?

              I went to Japanese private schools, including elementary school. I think schools in Japan are more strict and they don’t have that much freedom for students like in the U.S.

                Q. Why did your family decide to come to the U.S.?

                  We came to the U.S. for ministry. My dad is a pastor.

                    Q.After coming to the U.S., what was the difficulty and how did you get over it?

                      Because I lived in Japan for my whole life, I couldn't speak English fluently and it was hard for me to read and speak English. Because of language barrier, I had hard time performing well in the classes in BOHS. But I would go to Church every Sunday and felt better. Church helped me cope with those difficulties.

                        Q.What are your hobbies you had or have?

                          My hobby is to play piano and watch Japanese comedy shows. For comedy shows, I especially prefer comedians from Osaka. Even though I am passionate about playing piano, however, I will not pursue my career in piano.

                            Q.What is the most thing you miss about Japan?

                              I miss my friends in Japan so much. I keep in touch with them by Skyping and texting.

                                Q.If you could introduce your home country, Japan to Beautiful Brea Old & New readers, what would you say about Japan?

                                  Japan is a beautiful country with four seasons. And one thing I am proud of is that most of Japanese people have quiet and polite characters.

                                    Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS Track team is having success

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    From left to right, Anabel King, Ariel Williams, and Isela Martinez, sophomores, are smiling with the medals from Meet of Champions [Image Credit: Ariel Williams]

    From left to right, Anabel King, Ariel Williams, and Isela Martinez, sophomores are smiling with the medals from Meet of Champions [Image Credit: Ariel Williams]

    Brea Olinda High School track team participated in the Tiger Invitational meet held on April 10 in South Pasadena. The Girls' and Boys' track team showcased their amazing performances. Ariel Williams, a sophomore in Cross Country and Track experienced great success by getting the time of 2:35 in 800m.

      “In the Meet of champions which was held at Azusa Pacific, my Personal Record (PR) was 2:36 and in the beginning of Track season, I had 2:45,” Williams stated. “I was very satisfied with my PR because I have been working really hard,” she added.

        Not only did BOHS demonstrate their performance level at Tiger Invitational, but also at the Meet of Champions at Azusa Pacific University held on March 28. According to Alex Martinez, senior and boys Track and Field captain, Austin Tamagno set the nation’s leading time of 4:04. Also, Austin Shellito, Angel Escobar, and Jeff Sipple are also three distance runners who might go to the state to compete.

          “I was undefeated in long and triple jump and our sprints team won one out of three races,” Martinez said. In addition, BOHS was very successful in Arcadia Invite held on April 10 to 11. According to Ricky Libed, sophomore in track team, Arcadia Invite was a race for fast runners and Austin Tamagno ran the 3200 winning 7th place.

            With upcoming track meets, Jeremy Mattern, coach of Boys Cross Country and Track and Matt Rainwater, coach of Girls Cross Country and Track has recently been emphasizing “closing hard” in their athletes’ run.

              “For the races we will be participating, Mr. Mattern and Mr. Rainwater started to train us harder in order to [make us] have the strength to finish races stronger with a kick. Because doing that is extremely important in track PR,” Williams stated.

                With that in mind, girls that will be running a longer distance (1600m) are running 7 to 8 miles every day, including two track workouts a week. Girls that will be running middle distance (800m) are running 5 to 6 miles, including two track workouts a week, according to Williams.

                  Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS Senior shares her secrets to Success

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    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS  [Image credit: David Cho]

    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS
    [Image credit: David Cho]

      After 4 years of long journey in their high school, class of 2015 of Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) are graduating on June 16. Among the students of the graduating class, Susan Joh can proudly say that she got accepted into prestigious colleges. For underclassmen, Susan shared her stories and tips. Susan Joh got accepted to “big-name” colleges, such as Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and so on. However, reaching this goal was not easy. Joh claimed her high school career was unique compared to those of other seniors at her school.

        “I have been to 9 schools in my lifetime and moving around was not easy. I would have to leave and make new friends again. I had to adjust to different types of people and circumstances,” Joh said. At those times, arts and music helped her cope with every difficulty moving to a new place.

          “I am a reserved person and don’t show my emotions well. Fortunately, through music and drawings which I had a passion and enthusiasm for, I was able to express my suppressed emotions and get through my hardships,” Joh said.

            Joh shared that she started playing piano since age 7. She didn’t enjoy playing the piano until her piano teacher told her she would be able to express her emotions through the melodious playing of the keys. Ever since then, she started enjoy playing piano since the 5th grade.

              Joh was an excellent student with a variety of activities she did outside of school.

                “I volunteered at Milal organization, which was established for people living with disabilities. I took care of Jessica, who had Down Syndrome. I treated her as any normal teenager and learned that everyone has same qualities,” Joh said. “Volunteering is really rewarding because everyone can learn lessons, even if it is a small thing. Try volunteering for any organizations and places,” Joh said.

                  With seniors’ admission results, underclassmen have become anxious and worried about their college admission. Many have started to seek seniors who can give them useful tips and a sense of guidance.

                    “I wanted to ask those who got accepted into great schools what extracurricular activities they did and how they studied for multiple tests because now I’m getting nervous," said Sara Rew, a sophomore at BOHS.

                      Joh reassured and offered juniors and sophomores more concrete advice.

                        “I suggest students to take courses based on their interests,” she stated.

                          In her junior year, she had empty spots in her schedule and counselor suggested her to take art class. Surprisingly, she figured out her talents in art.

                            “I couldn’t have figured out that I enjoyed arts unless I tried taking art class. In school, there are a lot of programs, such as painting, cooking, choir, newspaper, and so on. Use those opportunities. Take advantage of those courses if they are offered at your school. Don’t hesitate to try new things, “Joh said.

                              Looking back her high high school years which she tried new things, she would miss all aspects of high school.

                                “I am going to miss the assemblies, activities, friends, teachers, clubs, and parents who always helped me achieve many things,” Joh said.

                                  As Joh would miss her high school years, high school years had a huge impact on her life. According to Susan Joh, high school years are very important because students are able to develop into people who can survive in real world and contribute to our community.

                                    “For your high school years, always try your best for everything, even if it’s the one you don’t like. Always be true to yourselves. Pursue what you really want to do for your high school,” Joh stated.

                                      Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

                                        with help from J student reporter editor Sydney Chang and the J Student Reporters Program:

  • Introducing BBON new team member: BOHS student Choha Kim

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    Please Welcome Choha Kim, student editor in chief for BBON.

    Choha Kim, student editor in chief for BBON.

      Please welcome our newest BBON team member, BOHS sophomore Choha Kim. Choha is from South Korea and has been in the United Stated for over a year. Aside from being a staff writer for BOHS Wildcat Newspaper, three of her articles have been published on Joongang, which is the largest Korean newspaper in the United States.

        In addition, she is the project chair for the Key Club, founder and president of the Homeless Care Club, and was elected by her peers to serve as secretary her junior year. She’s well-rounded playing Haeguem, a traditional Korean string instrument. Choha’s concert performance in Los Angeles awarded her 3rd prize in the World Korean Traditional Performing Art Competition!

          So keep an eye out for her breaking BOHS news reporting. And join us in giving Choha a warm welcoming as our latest BBON team member!