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  • Montessori teacher shapes ‘Future Minds’ in Brea

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    Sashi Salgado, who migrated to the US from Sri Lanka in 2001 has realized the American Dream in a very short period of time by passionately pursuing her dream career of teaching preschoolers. “I was totally influenced by my mother who was a teacher for 35 years and the junior school principle of the same school in Sri Lanka. I saw how a committed and loving teacher can shape lives of students early in their lives, as my mother was an epitome of a ‘true teacher’ in every sense.” Said Sashi in an emotional tone reminiscing her parents who live thousands of miles back in Sri Lanka.

      Pictured is Shashi Salgado inspiring her students to reach their potential with a well-rounded and individualized education method.

      Pictured is Shashi Salgado inspiring her students to reach their potential with a well-rounded and individualized educational method.

        Sashi obtained her Diploma in Montessori and Child Psychology and Development in Colombo. Subsequently she worked as a kindergarten teacher in a leading private international school in Colombo for over a decade prior to relocating to the US.

          In the US, she made Brea California her home and continued pursuing her passion of ‘teaching kids’ for the next eleven years, by starting her own home based Montessori Daycare in 2011 in Placentia, California. With the demand increasing rapidly, she found her home based day care was fast needing expansion with parents urging her to enroll more and more kids, predominantly in the Orange County.

            Staying true to her lifelong passion and dream, she opened her own Montessori School in Brea California under the name of Future Minds Montessori in 2015. Sashi is now the proud owner/director of her own school. She is 100% involved in the curriculum and the Montessori program to ensure highest quality of education for her Future Minds, blossoming under her love and care.

              Sashi is married to her childhood sweetheart, who she says is her ‘rock and soul-mate’ supporting her each and every endeavor in true partnership for the last 23 years. Their only son is now a college student and is also a strong admirer of his ‘mum’s achievements’ she says with a giggle!

                “The importance of simplicity, integrity and family values that my parents imbibed in us as children is what has helped me in this journey of courage and determination. These are some of the values I try to pass on to my little Future Minds in the best way I can” quipped Sashi as her parting shot to us.
  • Bang! The Curtis Theatre presents Bonnie & Clyde

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    Trevor Shor and Courtney Daniels in Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical at the Brea Curtis Theatre.

    Trevor Shor and Courtney Daniels in Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical at the Brea Curtis Theatre.

      The notorious Bonnie & Clyde, known for their crime, adventure, and love story, making the characters appealing and the story intriguing, will lure you into the Curtis Theatre to see the musical Bonnie & Clyde, which opens Friday, February 5, and runs for three weeks, closing Saturday, February 20.

        The show will be performed with a seven-piece orchestra; and will feature Brea Olinda grad and former BOHS Choir member, Taiana Alvarez, as well as a stellar cast from all parts of Orange County. The compelling musical combines the monumental sound of Broadway with blues, gospel, country and rockabilly in a score that celebrates the roots of American music and history.

          Shows are at 8:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. Get an adult ticket for only $25 by using the code: WANTED. A special preview performance on Friday, February 5, offers tickets for only $15. Attend the Opening Night Gala Saturday, February 6, and enjoy pre-show refreshments and a post-show reception.

            Regular price adult tickets are $30, seniors: $27 and children: $24. The Curtis Theatre Box Office is located at 1 Civic Center Circle in Brea. Hours are from noon - 3:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and one hour prior to shows. Phone orders are accepted at (714) 990-7722 or, you can place an online order at the

  • Bruxie featured on Cooking Channel’s Junk Food Flip

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      Why were all the TV cameras at Bruxie on November 11 and 12? Chefs Bobby Deen, son of comfort food legend Paula Deen, along with New York Chef Nikki Dinki, known for her healthy meal recipes, competed against Bruxie's founders, Dean Simon and Kelly Mullarney, in a “flip” contest in which healthier food options were pitted against popular Bruxie recipes.
      Chefs Bobby Dean, left, and Nikki Dinki, not shown, of the Cooking Channel challenged Bruxie co-founders Dean Simon and Kelly Mullarney to a food face-off in Brea Downtown. Dennis Rodman in background, announced the winner.

      Chefs Bobby Deen, left, and Nikki Dinki, not shown, of the Cooking Channel challenged Bruxie co-founders Dean Simon and Kelly Mullarney to a food face-off in Brea Downtown. Dennis Rodman in background, announced the winner. Courtesy of Susan Gaede

        The show "Junk Food Flip," will air on the Cooking Channel.

          Some 30 or so guests who were dining at the restaurant voted for the meal they liked the best.

            Breans Gabriel Linres, Erin Wedin Wilkinson, Shannon Watson, and Senator Bob Huff among others, took a filmed taste test and voted. Senator Huff said he was happy the Cooking Channel was in town supporting a local business. Other parts of Brea were also filmed.

              Dennis Rodman, former professional basketball player, a resident of Brea, tallied the votes and announced the winners: Simon and Mullarney. They plan to donate the $1,000 prize to a local charity. The winning pair also shared a delicious custard dessert with all of the show participants.
              Bobby Deen was a charmer at the cooking show. Courtesy Susan Gaede

              Bobby Deen was a charmer at the cooking show. Courtesy Susan Gaede

                I got a chance to interview the very personable and charming Bobby Deen, who said he loves to cook every day. He also adores working with his mom, and he was proud of her performance on "Dancing With The Stars." He noted wryly that she lost a lot of weight from dancing, as well as cutting way back on her sweet tea. "Unfortunately, I can’t dance,” he added. He said that the crew had been in Orange County for 10 days, also doing a show in Huntington Beach. He said he loved Brea and that it was a beautiful town, and other VIPs with the show echoed his comments.

                  It has not been decided when the episode will air, but I will be sure to keep you updated.

                    Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at (714) 529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Green Tomato Grill coming to Brea

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    Have you heard the Biz News? In the Vons Center on the corner of State College and Brea Boulevard, the Green Tomato Grill is filling the spot where the Dollars Count store used to be.

      Due to open in August, Chef Kyle, co-owner of the Green Tomato Grill, is thrilled to be expanding with a second location in Brea. He opened his first restaurant in Orange 2 1/2 years ago. The restaurant offers fast, healthy, and tasty food using fresh ingredients cooked to order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

        Chef Kyle of the Green Tomato Grill

        Chef Kyle of the Green Tomato Grill

          Chef Kyle was drawn to the location due to the building’s size at 3,000 square feet, and busy area close in proximity to Brea Mall and downtown. And as you may have seen, the strip location is being revamped. Chef Kyle said that a nice patio is being built to accommodate their customers. In addition, they are planning a full espresso service and will be working closely with the Founder of Diedrich Coffee, Martin Diedrich, considered one of the pioneers of the coffeehouse phenomenon, who now runs Kéan Coffee in Newport Beach and Tustin.

  • Sponsor the Brea 8K to help fund BOHS programs

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      From its beginning, the Brea 8K Classic was a heartfelt, hometown event that focused on fun, fitness and fund raising for the students and programs of Brea Olinda High School. Today, though much larger, it’s still run by a team of hard-working but entirely unpaid parent and community volunteers.

        The proceeds of this year’s race will benefit the award-winning arts and technology programs of Brea Olinda High School-Instrumental Music, Vocal Music Boosters, and GITA/Academic Booster Club.

          The event kicks off with a performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Julianne Sexton, a senior from our vocal music program. Vocal music students also volunteer to cheer on the kids who run in the Fun Run (10 & under) by dressing up as popular film and animated characters. Band members from BOHS for a drum line to inspire the runners of the 8K near the finish line.

            This is one of the most popular races in Orange County - very professional and was chosen last year to be the home of the national USA Track and Field Masters 8K Race. Many of the best runners come from all over the country to participate in the Masters Race, in addition to the thousands who run the Brea 8K.

              This is the Brea 8K's 24th year. We are still on the lookout for Sponsors. Without the tremendous support from our sponsors, this race couldn't be possible.

                For businesses or companies interested in becoming a part of this year's race, contact Irene McCallister at If you'd like to be a goodie bag sponsor, please contact Jimini Ohler at

                  Mary Wentsel Pipes

  • Councilman’s call for change has supporters

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      This time it was Councilman Roy Moore who tossed the brick in the punch bowl, and the repercussions seem endless. It started with Moore’s July 24 newsletter. In it he announced he would not run for re-election and urged voters to dump the incumbents, Mayor Brett Murdock and Councilman Ron Garcia and elect three new people. He called the present council dysfunctional and to mend it with new folks.

        By the August 8 filing deadline, it was apparent that Garcia has chosen not to run.

          Moore referred to the No Incumbents movement as “Operation Clean Sweep.” And then it took off. Now people are even looking to purchase yard sign promoting voting out the incumbents. I have not seen such interest in a local election so early in the year.

            Moore’s announcement of his retirement from the council after 16 years and his urging constituents to not vote for his two colleagues made the local section of the Orange County Register and elsewhere. Soon messages supporting Moore’s stand popped up on, the local social network for neighborhoods, and in many conversations around town.

              “I’ve had my best response ever to a newsletter,” said Moore, who has published nearly 700 newsletters since 1999. “By email, telephone, in restaurants, Concerts in the Park and Home Depot, people tell me they agree with my stand,” said Moore, “and I’ve only heard from one person who disagreed with me.”

                In his newsletter, he urged voters to vote in three new people and charge them with changing the (negative) atmosphere in City Hall. Brea is a nice city with an abundance of amenities, but we need team players, not people who refuse to be civil to one another.

                  Maybe Moore’s “Operation Clean Sweep” is just the beginning of a move toward term limits for Brea’s City Council. Voters passed term limits at the city council level in recent years in several Orange County cities, including Santa Ana, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills and Fullerton. I’m not a fan of term limits and prefer limiting terms at the ballot box. Let’s hope Brea’s candidates are chosen for their ability to reach consensus and deal with the issues and not by who threw the most mud.

                    Still muddy for many of us is hydraulic fracturing or fracking. A Fracking Symposium at 6 p.m. on Sept. 23 at Cal State Fullerton, will have a panel of experts from both sides of the issue. It will address concerns of folks not only in Brea, but also in the other North Orange County cities. It is free, but attendees are asked to RSVP at

                      Also go to the website to post your questions about fracking and how or if it contributes to earthquakes, groundwater contamination, air quality and other concerns to be addressed by the experts.

                        At the last council meeting, City Manager Tim O’Donnell explained that Brea’s July 15 presentation by Linn Energy was just to prepare Breans for the CSUF symposium and to educate us about Brea oil operations. Linn made it seems as if there are no dangers or problems with fracking. Hopefully the symposium will educate us more thoroughly through more than one viewpoint.

                          Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. She gives her perspective on Brea issues twice a month. Contact her at
  • Dave Willert named one of the top 25 teachers in OC

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    BOHS Vocal Music Director, Dave Willert, selected as one of the top 25 teachers in Orange County.

      First annual Top 25 Teachers of Orange County: The principals of all Orange County High Schools were asked to nominate two people from their school for Parenting OC magazine. Twenty-five teachers made the final selection. Their photo appears in the February issue. I am delighted to report the very, very popular Vocal Music Director David Willert at BOHS and BJH for the past nine years has been selected. BOHS principal Jerry Halpin said, “During his time, he quadrupled the enrollment in music vocal courses at BOHS and created the outstanding program at BJH. His students follow his energenic lead and put together incredible concerts. Under his leadership, Brea’s competition show choirs are ranked nationally each year and have earned numerous awards. He has been recognized by state and national vocal organizations and our choirs are regularly requested to perform for large groups, most recently at the Orange County Teacher of the Year Dinner last fall at the Disneyland Hotel.” By the way I hear raves from parents and students all the time about Dave...super proud!!!!!!

        Any news? Give me Susan Gaede a jingle 714-529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Welcome to one-stop shop – City of Brea

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            TERRI DAXON The wild and crazy shopping season has begun, and the best place to go is right here in Brea. Where else can you find such a wealth of shopping choices? There are the beautiful, recently Mall, our Brea Downtown, the Brea Marketplace across from the mall, Brea Gateway Center, plus several other shopping areas up and down Imperial Highway and elsewhere in our city.

              While Brea has many unique shops, there also are chain stores, including a few big-box ones such as Target, Walmart and Home Depot. Sure, you can shop the chains in many cities, but the sales tax dollars come back to Brea only if the merchandise was purchased here.

                Why is shopping in Brea so important? I asked Heidi Gallegos, the new executive director of the Brea Chamber of Commerce.

                  “Shopping Brea first keeps our dollars in the community in order to support public safety, capital improvements as well as retain programs that are unique to the culture of Brea,” Gallegos said via email. “We encourage shoppers to keep our dollars in Brea and shop Brea first.” Brea is definitely a shopping destination. Brea Mall is Orange County’s fourth largest mall in sales tax revenue.

                    Keeping those shopping dollars here makes a big difference. According to Brea’s June 2012 fiscal report, Brea’s sales tax revenue has increased 4.4 percent over the previous fiscal year, which is pretty good. Sales tax for general retail sales, such as department stores, apparel shops, home stores and other retailers , made up 46.7 percent of the increase.

                      According to Bill Gallardo, Brea’s administrative services director, in Brea you are charged 8 percent sales tax on taxable items. Of that 8 percent, only 1 percent stays in Brea. “The rest goes elsewhere, mostly to the state,” Gallardo said via email.

                        So how does that work? Gallardo said, for example, when you make a $100 purchase, you pay $8 in sales tax. Of the $8, Brea gets $1. That doesn’t sound like much, but in fiscal year 2012, it totaled $19 million. That’s a lot of buying in Brea, folks.

                          What about online sales, such as at Amazon, that include California sales tax? Does the city benefit from those sales? Yes, but it isn’t much. Amazon charges Brea and other Orange County customers the 8 percent rate, and the 1 percent is sent to the state. “Then the state divides that local money based on your city’s percentage of total sales in the county,” Gallardo said. What that breaks down to is that Brea gets a measly 3.5 percent of the 1 percent. So shopping locally, rather than online, makes better dollar sense for our city. And while you are shopping in Brea, visit the new Santa’s village on the lower level of Brea Mall. It is one of the most attractive I’ve ever seen in a mall. Plus, it gives the kids something to marvel at while Dad checks out the Tesla showroom a few shops away.

                            Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. She gives her perspective on Brea issues twice a month. Contact her at  .

  • 20th Annual Best of Orange County

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      After many months of preparation the Orange County Register’s 20th annual Best of Orange County (People’s Choice Awards & Critics’ Picks) arrived at our doorsteps this Sunday morning. The Register’s Best of Orange County is a well conglomeration of readers’ picks, critics’ choices, and register picks to determine the best of the best in Orange County.

        As a fan page and blog consisting of “All things Brea,” we will focus on the readers’ picks. With almost 12,000 voters determining the top three categories in 70 categories, Brea did not manage to be chosen for best overall shopping venue, i.e., Brea Mall, Brea Downtown, however, many of our shopping, dining, and luxury lifestyle services were chosen. Following is a list, albeit not complete, of those establishments who were chosen for their fine amenities. Any thoughts? Comments?

          For shopping, dining & services (the guide displays top 3.) For our purposes, only Brea businesses are shown.

            Fitness Center

              1.24 Hour Fitness

                Grocery Store

                  1.Trader Joe’s



                        Organic Food Selection

                          2.Mother’s Market and Kitchen

                            3.Sprout’s Farmers Market

                              Pet Boutique



                                    Tech Store

                                      1.Apple Store

                                        Wine Selection

                                          2.Total Wine & More


                                              Day Spa

                                                1.Glen Ivy

                                                  3.Massage Envy Spa




                                                          Food & Drink


                                                              1.Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que


                                                                  2.Kimmie’s Coffee Cup


                                                                      1.BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse


                                                                          3.Outback Steakhouse



                                                                                3.The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


                                                                                    1.Mrs. Fields

                                                                                      Family-friendly Restaurant

                                                                                        1.Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants

                                                                                          Happy Hour

                                                                                            1.Yard House

                                                                                              2.El Torrito

                                                                                                Ice Cream

                                                                                                  1.Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants


                                                                                                      3.Cold Stone Creamery

                                                                                                        Italian Restaurant

                                                                                                          1.Lomeli’s Italian Restaurant



                                                                                                                2.Round Table Pizza

                                                                                                                  3.BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse


                                                                                                                      1.Jersey Mike’s


                                                                                                                          Sunday Brunch

                                                                                                                            1. El Torito

                                                                                                                              2. Taps Fish House & Brewery

  • Let’s go bike- OCTA 2013 edition of the OC Bikeways Guide

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      OCTA has released the 2013 edition of the OC Bikeways Guide: to help cyclists navigate every inch of Orange County’s 1,000 miles of bikeways.

        The comprehensive guide includes:

          •A large map of the county’s bikeway system

            •Tips on bicycle safety and sharing the road

              •Information about taking bikes on OCTA buses or Metrolink trains

                •Excerpts of the California Vehicle Code related to cyclists

                  •A list of bike locker locations, for cyclists who want to store their bikes for a short period of time

                    The 2013 guide has been revamped to include these new features:

                      •A new design to enhance readability

                        •80 local bike shops have been listed and plotted on the map, making it easy for cyclists to find the shop closest to them when they need to pick up supplies or repair a flat tire

                          •Steep grades are identified along popular routes, helping cyclists to plan their trip according to their comfort level and riding ability

                            •Riders are invited to share their favorite photos of trails, commutes, or scenic views on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hash tag #BikeOC

                              OCTA would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and helped identify local bike shops. To request printed copies of the 2013 OC Bikeways Guide, please email the rideshare team at