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Three Breans Past, Pt. 2

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The Delaneys, at home in Brea.

THREE MORE BREANS WHO have had streets named for them at the Tomlinson Park development in north Brea, are featured in this post. For the official street naming ceremony conducted in August, 2003, City Historian, Brian Saul researched and provided brief histories of the Brea notables who received the honors.  With Brian's permission, BBON is again delighted to reprint three more of these brief histories. Thank you, Brian!

Delaney Drive - named for H.L. Delaney, a popular young Brea oilman who in 1911 built one of the first commercial buildings in town, the Delaney Building and a rooming house on Ash Street. Delaney was killed in 1918 when a piece of timber from an oil derrick fell on his head.

Freeman Lane - named for Ray Freeman, the 21-year-old pilot killed while flying the "Humming Bird" during the Brea Air Meet at the Brea Airport in 1926.  The "Humming Bird" was the first full-cantilever, low-wing monoplane built in the United States and was constructed in a garage building on Brea Blvd.

Tremaine Drive - named for William "Wild Bill" Tremaine who worked with Austrian plane designer Fred Thaheld in 1925 and 1926 on building the "Humming Bird", the first full-cantilever, low-wing monoplane built in the United States. The plane was built in Tremaine's auto repair garage on Brea Blvd. He and Thaheld also built two other planes which were flown out at the Brea Airport.




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