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Three Breans Past

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In August, 2003, a street naming ceremony took place at the, then new, Tomlinson Park subdivision in North Brea. One of the main voices behind the drive to have those streets named for notable Breans was Brian Saul, who served as the official City Historian.  In addition to his advocacy, Brian also researched and provided a list of Breans, and their contributions, to the developer for consideration.  Once the choices were determined, Brian prepared short histories of each recipient. BBON is delighted to reprint, with Brian's permission, three of those short histories. Thank you, Brian!

Rosalie Williams, Brea's First Businesswoman and Postmistress

Williams Street - named for Rosalie Williams, one of Brea’s first businesswomen. She also served as Brea’s postmistress, helped organize the Congregational Church and the Women’s Club, served as a member of the Orange County Democratic Central Committee and as president of the Olinda PTA. Earlier she ran boardinghouses in both Brea and Olinda.

Casner Way - named for W.D. Casner, an oilman who drilled the first well on the old Amalgamated Lease east of town. Financially successful, he built a big, 2-story home on Madrona Ave. in 1915. The home was later moved to Redwood St. during redevelopment in the 1990’s, where it was restored. Mr. Casner planted the first palm trees in town on Birch Street.

Johnson Lane - named for Walter Johnson who, after growing up in Olinda, became the famous fast-ball pitcher for the Washington Senators. He and Babe Ruth played in an exhibition baseball game in Brea in 1924. Johnson was one of the first inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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