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Through the Lens of Photojournalist Jon Gaede

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World gathers for Olympic Summer games in London

By Jon D. Gaede

London – The best athletes in the world have assembled in London to compete and bring out the very best in humanity.

Most Southern Californians of a certain age, recall the 1984 games in Los Angeles. They may remember the Olympic torch that made it’s way down Brea Boulevard and westward toward La Habra toward the Los Angeles Coliseum.

In our sports saturated world, the spirit of the Olympic games is certainly something different. No other sport carries the hopes and dreams of an Olympian, by lighting a torch in Greece and carrying it by foot to its host city.

Wayne Gretsky carries torch at the opening ceremony of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. (Photo courtesy of Jon Gaede)

Athens, the historical origin of the modern games in 1896 is where the flame is carried. London has held the games in 1908 and 1948.

As a photojournalist, 2012 will be my third Olympic games. I covered the games in Sydney 2000 and Vancouver 2010 as well.

Opening Ceremony flag progression at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. (Photo courtesy of Jon Gaede)

My photography background can be traced back to the early 1980’s. I worked for the Brea Progress. I recall covering the Rams and the Raiders. On several occasions, both teams would play home games at the same time.  I accepted the challenge by driving to the Los Angeles Coliseum to shoot the first half of the Raider game. With 5 minutes on the clock, I would get back in my Volkswagen bug, drive to Anaheim and shoot the second half of the Ram game.

My training for track & field is definitely Mt SAC. From Carl Lewis to Marion Jones, all the great ones come to Mt. SAC to compete. From pole vaulting to swimming, each sport has it’s own challenges. Nothing is action sports photography is exactly the same.

The 2010 winter games in Vancouver forced us to adapt to places like Whistler Mountain and cold conditions. This year, we hear that London is getting more summer rain than the past 100 years. Protecting our equipment will be a battle.

Lindsey Vonn wins gold and bronze medal at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. (Photo courtesy of Jon Gaede)

NBC has scheduled more hours and more ways to view the games than ever before. The best seat at the Olympics may just be your own living room.

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