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‘Up, Up and Away’ goes Gerald Funk, WWII aircraft designer

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Gerald Funk, built P51's during World WarII, but he has never flown in one. The family recently him to a ride in a restored P51 for his 93rd birthday.

Gerald Funk, worked in the aerospace  industry during WWII building planes, specifically the P51 Mustang. He was so instrumental in the design and building of these planes that his bosses kept him from being drafted so he could  stay here and build the aircraft for the war.
The family pitched  recently  in for a once-in-a-lifetime gift. for his 93rd birthday. They  found a  group that restores old aircraft, including a P51 Mustang, and took Gerald for a ride in a P51 . Thanks to dual controls he actually was able to fly the plane for part of the ride. He has never been up in a P51, and has only ever sat in one once so he  was beyond excited. (Courtesy photo)
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