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What do two columnists, the notorious Hedda Hopper and Susan Gaede, have in common?

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Built in 1910 by silent screen star/gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, Vista de Oro is a prime wedding venue.

BBON tidbit news on gossip columnists: Good Witch of the North shares turf with scandalous Wicked Witch of the West.  Not notorious by any means but sweet in comparison, Susan Gaede our local OC Register columnist, a.k.a. “Newsy Suzie,” for over 40 years and vicious “Gossip Queen of Hollywood” Hedda Hopper, who built a hilltop mansion named Vista de Oro in La Habra Heights in 1910, lived very close in proximity to Susan’s home in Brea.

Photojournalist Susan Gaede as seen on BBON vimeo video produced by Rich Hall of Related Grey.

One thing the two columnists, local and national, shared in background, they both went through great lengths to get their scoop - one with calculated finesse and the other with a hell on wheels approach. Luckily, Susan delivered the nice news and we didn’t have to experience the fury! And thankfully we were spared the attention seeker hideous hats Hedda wore!

Hedda Hopper was well-known for her outrageous hats.

The Vista de Oro estate is used to make wedding dreams come true, just as Hedda would have liked it, right?

Link to Susan Gaede's BBON Video:

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